Six-Deck Blackjack Strategy

It is no secret to anyone that the currently popular blackjack game has a huge number of different variations. The most popular and common is the six-decked blackjack, which was named after the number of decks involved in the game.
Immediately it should be said that this blackjack is usually referred to as “Shoe”, and in translation from a foreign language this term has the meaning “shoe”. In addition to the six-decker poker, it is customary to attribute games here that use 6-8 standard poker decks with 52 cards that do not have jokers.
If we are talking about real offline casinos, here for a long time nobody mixes cards by hand – dealers use a special device, a device for such purposes. With online casinos everything is more than clear.
Why is six-year blackjack so popular?
The six-decked blackjack enjoys such great popularity, first of all, for the reason that such “pluses” are stated in its rules in favor of the player.
First and foremost is insurance. So, if the dealer has an ace, in this case, the player can play it safe and make an additional bet, which will be equal to half the original one. In the event that the croupier scores 21 points, the player will receive a double extra bet back, returning 50% of the bet.
The second advantage is split. If according to the results of the first hand, the player has a pair of identical cards (suppose you have two kings), then according to the rules you can divide these cards into two hands and continue playing with him. Important caveat – in this case, you need to make another bet.
Doubling. According to the rules of six-card poker, you can use double (notorious doubling). Thus, a person at the table can raise his bet at least 2 times.
Void (reset). If you, as a player, feel that the combination of cards does not give you any chance of winning the round, you can fold. You will not refund the entire bet, but the casino will pay 50%.